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best spam : Internet scam Artists

Internet scam Artists … vielleicht doch ne Umschulung machen?
We fight against fraud, funds delay and impersonation.
Head Office: Plot 802, Constitution Avenue
Zone A9 Central Area
P. M.B 535, Garki Lagos
*****24HRS SERVICE *****
Dear Sir/Madam,
This letter will definitely be amazing to you because of its realistic value. Sorry for the inconveniences that was rendered to you in your line of Inheritance Payment, lottery winning, contract payment transaction with some impersonators some while ago.
I know that this letter will hit you by surprise, but firstly I will like to introduce myself; I am (Mr. Usman Talle) the Legal Dirctor of "International Police", (Nigeria's Anti-Fraud Unit).
We recently arrested a group of West African / Ghana, Benin and Nigerian/ United Arab Emirates, London, Etc..Internet scam Artists in London and we have reasons to believe you have been one of their numerous victims. A thorough search of the computers arrested with the individuals and their confessions during interrogation has revealed to us that you paid certain sums of money to these fraudsters via Western Union and or bank transfer.
These individuals have been wrongfully informing alot of people via email on the internet that they have huge sums of money to be transferred from a foreign bank account. Also, they have confessed to loan scams, money transfer and the Lottery scam and have been demanding money from innocent people for purported claims of the said money. They operated with a fake Bank and courier and a lot of people have fallen victims to them in the past 3 years.
We have already initiated proceedings on your behalf with the West African / Governments and menberstates / United Arab Emirates law enforcement agency including the European Union Etc… to ensure that as a genuine scam victim, you will not only recover your lost money but also you will be compensated for the financial and emotional stress you and your family went through because of the scam.
Our Internal Audit Bureau has estimated that you are eligible to claim a total of $2.5000.00 USD from the Fraud Compensation Committee set up by the West African / Nigerian / United Arab Emirates Government Etc.. to ensure that properly identified scam victims are paid and adequately compensated from the $3BN allocated compensation loan from the World Bank and also your total inheritance will also be paid to you once you reconfirm your details of information of your payment to any of the government ministries /individuals.
This Fund is directly under the watchful eye of both the EFCC/FBI/Interpol to avoid misappropriation or embezzlement of fund.
The known assets of the Fraudsters has since be confiscated and their Bank Accounts frozen. At the conclusion of our investigations, their assets will be used to pay back for the cost of compensation to their victims to the Fraud Compensation Committee. Please contact the Officer below to ensure that your details are confirmed as being eligible to receive your compensation as soon as possible.
The former President of The Federal Republic of Nigeria (Goodluck Jonathan) introduced a Commission named the "International Police", (Nigeria's Anti-Fraud Unit) which is duly registered under the United Nations (U.N.O). This particular Commission was initiated to detect fraud/funds delay/impersonation of Government Officials. Secondly, we are mandated by the US Government to settle foreign debts/fraud victims/Un-paid beneficiaries to satisfactory in other to maintain peace in the world at large and also to create a good relationship with the international bodies.
Presently, we are being paid by the American government in other to avert beneficiary funds delays/fraud here in Nigeria. So far in this present year, we have settled the likes of (Mrs. Debbie Hargrove, Mr. Michael Wagner etc).
Officially Signed,
Mr. Usman Talle.
Director of International Police Nigeria.
(Nigeria's Anti-Fraud Unit).
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